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Why specific requirements?

It is important that your current hosting package meets the requirements listed so that your Linksites™ website package will work correctly. Every website can be developed differently and requires various types of hosting. Simply ask your current hosting company if they can provide hosting that meets the following specification:

MySQL Database, php installed, ability to read/write/execute folder permissions. This is a standard request and should cause no complications. In addition .htaccess needs to be enabled and mod_rewrite installed to handle Google friendly URL's although this is not essential.

Alternatively, we can assist you setting up a new hosting package with our preferred partner.

Why don't you provide hosting?

We specialise in the design and development of websites packages and feel that our time is better spent making sure you're happy with our products and continuing to develop new and exciting website package plugins. We have a preferred hosting partner who handles all our hosting requirements and provides a support line for all technical enquiries. You may also have an exisiting hosting company and wish to continue using them. This is no problem assuming they can provide hosting that meets the required specification.

I currently have a website.
How do I move over to a Linksites™ website package?

If you're using an existing hosting package*:
We recommend that we set up your new Linksites™ website package on our one of our 'setup slots'**. This is available for 12 months or until the website goes live. You can then use your Linksites™ Content Management System (CMS) to create unlimited pages, style your new site and upload your content before removing the old site. Once you're ready for change over, we'll remove the old site and replace it with the new one. Typically, this takes no longer than an hour.

If you are moving to a new hosting package:
Unfortunately, there will be a period of down time for your website. Technically it takes up to 48 hours for your domain name (e.g. to point to the new hosting package. When this happens your new site will be ready to use. However please be aware that it will be an empty shell and would still require you to create your pages, style your new site and upload your content. In this instance you may wish to consider our Linksites™ website package that means we style your site and include content for five pages as soon as it's live.

*Subject to meeting required specification. **Additional cost applies.


How long does it take to set up?

Your site will be live in 10 working days from hosting set-up.

How long does it take to enter content?

We recommend you write your content first, outside of the website, so you have a duplicate/master copy. We also suggest you use a basic text editor such as Notepad. Also, create all your images to specified sizes using an image editor such as Photoshop Elements. Once this has been completed and you're familiar with the Linksites™ CMS, it shouldn't take more than five minutes to create a page and publish it to the live site.


Why upgrade to a Linksites™ website package?

If this is your first website the Linksites™ website package Basic provides you with an empty shell ready for you to add unlimited pages and content which means when your site goes live there is a period of 'downtime' where you need to upload your content. A Linksites™ website package makes sure that when your site goes live you'll have content ready to be viewed on the web as the content is added and the site is styled before it 'goes live'.

Will there be more Linksites™ website package plugins?

We'll continue to add more plugins as and when we develop them.

Will my Linksites™ website package be updated from time to time?

If there are issues or functions that do not work you can tell us about them by clicking the 'report a bug' button in your Linksites™ CMS. Any bugs we find will be fixed free of charge. Additionally, there may be system updates from time to time, fixing any bugs that have been identified or minor features that improve your ability to use the system. In either instance you would be notified by email that we have updated the system, but this would not affect your ability to use the system.

Will you offer upgrades?

We will develop upgraded versions of the Linksites™ website package and existing customers will be offered the option to upgrade at a discounted price.

Can the website be expanded in the future?

The Linksites™ website package has been designed with expansion in mind. The standard tools allow you to add unlimited pages, sections and even change the design if you re-brand. However, what's really special about the Linksites™ website package, is that it has been developed by our own experienced design team. This means your website can be upgraded or reworked specifically to your needs if your business requires it in the future. Call us on 01778 560788 to discuss your requirements.

Using the Linksites™ Content Management System (CMS)

Do you supply an instruction manual?

There's no need - it's that easy to pick up! However, you can read our guide to the Linksites™ Content Management System (CMS) for help. Plus, every Linksites™ website package is set up with example pages with instructions on how to add images and style pages.

I'm not that great at design, how do I know what looks good?

Read our Design Centre tips for your Linksites™ website package where we give you guidance on how to design your site.


Can I see a demo?

Click here to request a demonstration.

Why only one template?

There's plenty of template driven content managed websites out there, however most concentrate on offering different design layouts that will often lead to a website that looks inconsistent and unprofessional. Therefore we have designed one fantastic template that we know from years of experience works perfectly for your customers. What you really need to be able to change is the look and feel of that template. You can then upload your content safe in the knowledge that our website package ensures that your website looks not only professional, but also consistent with your brand.

The Linksites™ website package has been designed by professional web developers and graphic designers. We have developed a customer friendly website where the main navigation is clearly defined, separating the more common pages of interest from secondary menu information. The layout of the templates means the customer always knows where they are, how to return and, most importantly, where to go next.