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MailChimp templates

Did you know... more than 6 million people use MailChimp to create, send, and track email newsletters and we can design your MailChimp template for you.

When you design and send HTML newsletters you need an application to manage the process. MailChimp is one of the leading online suppliers of this service. We design and build your email template and upload it to your account. You then upload your mailing list, add content to your template and create and send a new campaign.

The MailChimp service includes:

  • Full reports (number of opens, unsubscribes etc).
  • Facebook & Twitter integration (posts a link to your email).
  • Embed code for newsletter signup. This allows us to created a signup box on your site where any new subscribers get automatically added to your MailChimp mailing list.
  • Track visits in Google Analytics.
  • Option to do A/B campaigns.
  • Design check service in all major email clients before we send a campaign.
  • Manages unsubscriptions.
  • Provides loads of great advice and literature on email best practice.
  • Personalise emails with recipients name.
  • Can check effectiveness of a subject line before you send it.

How it works

We will set up a new MailChimp Account in your company name so that you have ownership over your own campaigns and any mailing list that is uploaded. You will pay directly to MailChimp for their service and Why Design will have access to the account.

What does it cost?

MailChimp charges either by Pay as you go or Monthly contract;

  • Pay as you go costs around £70 per campaign based on sending out 5,500 emails.
  • Pay monthly costs around £50 for a mailing list of up to 7,500 subscribers. Plus, a monthly contract will allow you to send out more than one campaign in a month with no extra cost.

Why Design charge per template design. Typically this is around £360 per template.

T: 01778 560788.
E: Email Del Cruft.