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Web design: Flower designer blossoms

Project type: Web design
Location: Peterborough, Cambridgesire

Why Design was commissioned to for a web design by Pollen Designs, a floral design business managed by Rebecca-Louise Wood in Peterborough.

When starting a new business, cost can be an issue and Pollen Designs was no different. To accommodate Rebecca's budget, Why Design suggested they use one of our pre-built web templates. This meant that the majority of the work was centered around the design rather than development and testing. This enabled Why Design to pay greater attention to the Pollen Designs brand and design a slick, professional site (1) which reflected their existing literature and advertising.

After the initial consultation with Rebecca it was clear the main purpose of the website was to not just to provide potential customers with details of their services but, more importantly, to showcase their work (2). This meant the site required a number of sections that could grow with the business. We used a familiar left-hand menu navigation allowing sub sections for their flower portfolio and setting a structure in place for future development.

Rebecca also had a selection of photography from weddings and events she had designed for and was unsure how to utilise them. We suggested creating a 'case studies' section. Each case study gave a more detailed account of how and why Rebecca's arrangements were created and was supported with her photography. We encouraged Rebecca to obtain a selection of testimonials from each of her clients featured in her case studies. This can be a strong sales tool, particularly for a business that has a such a personal approach. This has already proved very successful.

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