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Website package bespoke features

Whilst our Linksites™ website package provides you with everything you need to get your business online, some customers just like to use that the start of something special. We can accommodate and ideas you may have, however, to give you an example, here's a few of the more typical requests.

Flash animation: £180.00

Using Flash we can create an engaging slideshow on your home page to highlight the key areas, products or messages in your site. €Price is for up to four slides.
(More complex animations available, priced on a per job basis.)

Logo design: £360.00

If you need a logo designing for your new business we can do that for you to. Behind Linksites™ is a team of professional graphic designers with years of branding experience. Based on an initial consultation, we provide you a selection of designs to choose from, and then after consulting, we develop them into your final logo.

Alternative website header: £135.00

The header is the area that contains your company logo and strap line and is white as standard, however, you can personalise your website that little bit more by customising the header of your website. This allows you to use any colour you chose, amending your logo to suit and an image/message graphic of your choosing.

Google redirect: £135.00

If you're upgrading from an existing website that is already ranked in Google it's important to tell Google where your new website is. We can let Google know that all your previously ranked pages can now be found on your new website. It's a little like moving house and changing your address. If an old friend comes to visit you at your old home this tells them where your new address is.

Please note:
VAT will be added to all prices at the appropriate rate.