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We use Google Analytics cookies in order to provide meaningful reports about our site visitors so we may continue to improve our website. Cookies are also used to maintain site members' logged in status. None of these cookies collect personal data about our website visitors.

Website package plugins

Whilst our Linksites™ website package provides you with everything you need to get your business online, sometimes it's nice to add that something special to help you stand out from the crowd. See if any of these take your fancy....

responsive plugin


Linksites™ will now display a 'mobile' version of your site on a smart phone or tablet by automatically adapting the layout and navigation for a smaller screen, whilst keeping the desktop version unchanged. Plus, now that Google insists on a 'mobile friendly' version to increase your rankings, this is an essential plugin.

members area plugin

Members area

Add a password protected section to the navigation of your website. Perfect for customer downloads like training manuals, price list & technical specifications. Create a new user in the Linksites™ CMS, grant them access to specific pages and the system emails the login details directly to your customers.

cookie info plugin

Cookie Info

Helping you comply with the 'cookie law', this plugin introduces a notification at the top of your website informing visitors (on their first visit) that your site uses cookies. It then disappears once they move onto another page. It's fully editable within your Linksites™ CMS allowing you to change the notification message and colours. This plugin also introduces a third legal page 'How we use cookies', which allows you to include additional information about other cookies you may use and must be kept up-to-date. The plugin comes with generic text covering Google Analytics cookie use and, if applicable, the Linksites™ Members Area cookie use.

"Very simple to use and quick to set up. Great if you're one for having a play and not reading the instruction manual!"

Managing Director, The Nutrition Helpline.

social media plugin

Social media

Add stylish 'follow us' links for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the Google+ recommendation to your pages. No need to paste complicated code into your editorial columns using your Linksites™ CMS, simply enter the links to your favourite social media sites and choose where they'll appear on the page.

mailing list plugin

Mailing list

When a customer completes your contact form their information is recorded on a seperate database. This information is then accessed via your Linksites™ Content Management System (CMS). The data can then be exported to a .csv file for use in other database applications.

site search plugin

Site search

For Linksites™ users with a larger site, add a site search facility to the header of your website giving your customers direct access to the products and services you provide.

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