Why me?

I'm a graphic designer. That's probably why you're here.


My name is Del and I have all the necessary design qualifications, years of experience, plenty of awards and everything else you'd expect from a really top-notch designer (boxes of coloured pens, a top-of-the-range pencil sharpener, a very hi-tech computer and a pair of slightly edgy glasses).


But you want to know whether I'm actually any good. So I need to tell you.


I could show you my portfolio of work. Easier to do in person... so I can explain the brief.


I could get people to write testimonials. Good for my ego, but not always... believable.


Or I could just tell you what really matters...

Of course I'm very creative and great a designer, but isn't that a given? After all I provide a graphic design service. So why work with me?


Well, I have a proven ability to deliver what is really needed. By that, I mean I don't always follow the brief I'm given. I prefer to consider what the required outcome is and the best way of achieving it. My clients tell me they've really benefited from this approach (and they're all happy to give you a direct and unvarnished review, just ask.)


I have the skill to turn our wild and wonderful ideas into a workable design, and most importantly, I never fail to deliver what is needed, on time, in budget and with a wow factor.